We aren’t just a technology solutions agency - we offer much more

As we all know, the internet is growing and changing every day. Not long ago, simply owning a website was enough for a business to generate public interest and gain popularity. At that time, not much attention was paid to page layout, user accessibility wasn’t a big concern, and mobile apps weren’t in existence. Similarly, marketing was rarely done online, and online eCommerce companies weren’t to be established for many more years.

This day in age, however, business owners and other professionals need to manage much more for their online presence: user interfaces and accessibility, different mobile platforms, changing screen sizes and configurations, content management capabilities, marketing strategies, and much more. All of these services aren’t guaranteed to be offered by other agencies, which could make you jump around from one “Solutions” provider to the next.

We created IWA Technologies for this century: to continuously learn new and exciting tools, and to adapt alongside the internet as we know it. Our results speak for themselves – successful businesses, beautiful websites, effective marketing strategies, and most importantly, happy clients. We are a one-stop-shop for professionals seeking to build and improve their websites, and mobile applications, increase their revenue through internet marketing, and manage all of their essential content through custom-developed database and CMS sites. You don’t need the hassle of going from one agency to the next to get your project done: we can see your entire project through start to finish.

Our Story - How we built our agency from the ground up

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that IWA Technologies started with only two people. We began working on a freelance basis for several years with some pretty impressive results. We went from various bidding websites to directly marketing our services to individuals in our communities. Several years later, many of these first clients are still working closely with us, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Our skills improved with each freelance contract, and we naturally needed to expand if we were to go any further with our talents. We set the goal of establishing a fully-functional business in the coming decade. After adding a select few developers, designers, and project managers onto our team, we naturally gained more and more traction. We’ve learned a great deal along the way, but now we are happy to have completed one of the many goals we have set in place.

After nearly a decade of work, we are eager to offer our experience and expertise to a broad and global market.

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